Engagement Photos Are Up

Our engagement photos are finally up! (View our engagement photos HERE.) Now let us tell you a little bit about these photos…

We knew we wanted our photos done in Yosemite. We wanted to pick a location in the park that would be off limits on our wedding day (because there are SO many breathtaking locations that require more of a hike than we’d want to do on our big day). We decided on Taft Point; an “easy” 1 mile trail that is mostly flat.

We get there, meet up with our photographers, and then less than 5 minutes into the hike we find out that our trail is covered in snow. We looked at our photographers; our photographers looked at us; we had an unspoken agreement that we all still wanted to go; and onward we went! A little snow doesn’t hurt anyone. (But don’t worry, it won’t be snowing for our wedding. Taft Point is at a much higher elevation than our wedding ceremony and reception location. It was actually quite perfect in Wawona and in the valley.)

We took photos along the entire hike, which took longer than normal because we were battling the conditions of snow covering our trail, and crossing new streams from melted snow, all while trying to keep our outfits (and makeup for Selena) in photo worthy condition.

As you look through our photos, you may have noticed the undeniably breathtaking landscape view of us on the cliff. If your first thought was that it must be Photoshopped; no, it was not. If you were wondering how scary it was; yes, it was scarier than we thought it would be.

There is something both beautiful and terrifying about being on the edge of a cliff with no railing or safety measures for your piece of mind, but that overlooks arguably one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen as it lit Yosemite Valley below us in an etherial glow.

It was super hard to narrow down our album to a more digestible amount for you all. We both love every single photo, so if you have a chance please view the full gallery on our photographer’s website. We picked them because we love that they have an eye for capturing nature, emotion, and they do it all while telling the story. If you view the full gallery on their website, you can clearly follow us through our entire hike and even into the dark.

A special thank you

to our photographers Isaiah & Taylor. You guys stuck with us through the snow and even in the dark. Thanks for giving us some incredible memories that we’ll remember every time we look at our engagement photos. We couldn’t be more excited for you to capture our special day!!!