Our Story

High School Sweethearts

On a superficial level, I fell in love with her smile. A smile you could hear when she spoke on the phone. Selena was the first person that I stayed up well past 1 or 2AM talking on the phone with. We would talk until one of us would pass-out. I remember being anxious at times that I would have school or work the next morning, but I couldn’t tear myself away from whatever it was she was saying. All of this was before we actually began dating, so our connection as a couple has a strong base that we have built on throughout the years.Graham
He was funny and made me laugh, and his genuine chivalry would impress me. What girl didn’t want a guy to give her his jacket when it was cold outside, or hold the door open? We were just friends but it always felt like there was potential for more. When a friend of mine invited him to prom my sophomore year, I was jealous. That’s when I knew my friendly feelings towards him grew to be much more.Selena

As Time Goes By

…over 9 years laterGraham
…almost 10 years laterSelena

The Proposal

Oh boy… The hardest secret I’ve had to keep (although, I did unintentionally drop hints on occasion). Not only that, but planning to propose after we had walked all over Copenhagen, Denmark and had gotten ourselves pretty sweaty and cranky… Probably not the best choice. I had to make sure the setting was perfect; there shouldn’t be too many people around which, at the country’s national monument, wasn’t hard to do at all (that should be read with a heavy dose of sarcasm. Den lille Havfrue is usually bombarded with tourists during the day). I also wanted to propose around sunset and thankfully the sun set much later than I had expected when we were there. My plan was to retrieve the ring while pretending to swap the lens on my camera, which worked perfectly as Selena payed absolutely no attention to what I was doing. Then the moment came. I remarked about how patient she had been, which she thought I was referring to her wait for the statue of The Little Mermaid to return (when she first went to Copenhagen in 2010 it was on loan to the Shanghai World Expo in China). She said something like,”Yeah! I only had to wait six years…” Then I clarified,”And you had to wait almost ten years for me…” then I got down on one knee, said a few more loving words, and asked if she’d marry me. She said,”Yes!” and that’s why you’re here reading this.Graham
I had no idea… the entire trip he made a big deal about locking things in the safe and I just attributed it to being his first time in a foreign country. On the day he proposed, we were walking to the Little Mermaid statue and he kept making me anxious talking about how he hoped it wasn’t crowded and he hopes the sun is still setting and we won’t get there too late… I was like, “calm down! You’re making me nervous! She’ll be there this time.” Little did I know what he was planning. I was so excited to see the Little Mermaid I wasn’t even paying attention to the crazy amount of time he was spending “changing his lens” near his backpack. All I could think of was how the sun was setting perfectly on the mermaid and I wanted to take as many photos as I could in the time we had with her. So I was completely surprised when he grabbed my hand and started the long awaited proposal speech that would end in the question “will you marry me?”Selena