We’re Registered!

We are officially registered! We added a registry link to our website menu bar for easy access, or you can search our names directly at the stores we registered at:

We had a blast registering. Aside from a few of Selena’s favorite kitchen essentials and some new things we bought when we moved to Corona, many of our household items are hand-me-downs. That means our bowls don’t stack properly because they are mismatch. We never have silverware that matches… We can go on and on.

What we loved most about registering was dreaming of our ideal home. Sure, we live in an apartment so our “home” may not be the same 5 years from now, but Selena defines a home as a place where our stuff is. For us, registering was us defining what things will define our home; what do we love and see ourselves enjoying year after year as we grow from home to home. We envisioned what our future holiday dinner parties look like. We dreamt of what a romantic dinner staying in might include. It was truly a team effort. We both enjoyed every minute of it.